Nina Smith

Executive Director

Why Support C.A.S.A?

Supporting C.A.S.A means that our children are able to have a trained and committed C.A.S.A. volunteer to be their advocate during a tough and personal legal process.

Court Appointed Special Advocates

for Children of Tipton County

mission & vision

To promote the best interests of abused and neglected children in our care by advocating for safe, timely, and permanent placements for the most helpless of victims.

What does a C.a.S.a do?

  • A CASA volunteer is a trained citizen who is appointed by a judge to provide court support and advocacy for the best interests of a child.
  • A CASA volunteer provides the judge with a carefully researched background investigation of the child and their circumstances to aid the court's decision-making process concerning the child's placement.
  • A CASA volunteer creates assessments about the best option for a child's placement (in home, foster care, or adoption).
  • A CASA volunteer monitors assigned cases until it is resolved. Typically, a CASA volunteer works with 1-2 cases at a time.
  • A CASA volunteer communicates with the child, parents/guardians, other family members, and anyone else who is knowledgeable about the child's history.